Prezentációs technikákkal kapcsolatos könyvek

Többen érdeklődtetek prezentációs technikákkal foglalkozó könyvek iránt, ezzel a témával kapcsolatban szeretnénk egy kis segítséget nyújtani. Nyomtatott formában Dick Powell Presentation techniques című munkája érhető el nálunk.

Elektronikus formában több, viszonylag új kiadású könyvet találhatunk meg online a Google Books jóvoltából, ezek közül szeretnénk néhányat ajánlani:

  • Presentation Skills: The Essential Guide for Students – Patsy McCarthy, Caroline Hatcher – Google Könyvek
    Offering practical and constructive advice for students giving presentations, this book presents a detailed explanation of how to conduct a successful presentation and how to feel at ease with public speaking.
  • Presentation Zen Design – Garr Reynolds – Google Könyvek
    Throughout Presentation Zen Design, Garr shares his lessons on designing effective presentations that contain text, graphs, color, images, and video. After establishing guidelines for each of the various elements, he explains how to achieve an overall harmony and balance using the tenets of Zen simplicity. […]
  • The Academic Presentation: Situated Talk in Action – Johanna Rendle-Short – Google Könyvek
    How is the task of giving a presentation accomplished? In this insightful book Johanna Rendle-Short unpacks this seemingly simple task to show the complexity that underlies it. Examining the academic presentation as a case in point, she details how seminar presenters interact with the audience and objects around them to produce a coherent whole.[…]
  • Develop Your Presentation Skills: Build Your Confidence; Be Charismatic … – Theo Theobald – Google Könyvek
    Develop Your Presentation Skills takes a step-at-a-time approach to developing a belting presentation, from unpicking the original brief, understanding just what an audience wants and constructing compelling content that will keep them rapt with attention. With anecdotes and expert input, Develop Your Presentation Skills covers all the essentials necessary to make a good presentation, including advice on how to build confidence; increase personal competence; use body language; maximise effectiveness of room layout; use technology and implement disaster recovery methods.[…]
  • Presentation Basics – Robert J. Rosania – Google Könyvek
    Presentation Basics tackles a subject that often frightens and even incapacitates many otherwise confident people–giving a presentation. The simple, step-by-step approach guides readers through the entire process from preparation, to creating the right environment, to recovery when things go wrong in a presentation (an inevitable occurrence for even the most prepared and confident presenter). […]
  • A Student’s Guide to Presentations: Making your Presentation Count – Barbara Chivers, Michael Shoolbred – Google Könyvek
    This book gives readers a detailed guide to the preparation and delivery of both individual and group presentations. It will take them through all the pratcial stages necessary to complete a presentation and obtain excellent marks. The books includes: real life examples illustrating effective presentation techniques; helpful tips and illustations throughout; a 10-step guide to preparing your presentation; tips on using PowerPoint; and a companion web site complete with a student resource center at […]
  • Presentation Secrets – Alexei Kapterev – Google Könyvek
    Alexei Kapterev’s online presentation on presentations has seen more than one million views, all with no advertising or promotion. Building on this hit, he now brings us Presentation Secrets outlining his successful tactics for planning, producing, and presenting memorable and unique presentations. […]
  • The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of … – Carmine Gallo – Google Könyvek
    The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs is as close as you’ll ever get to having the master presenter himself speak directly in your ear. Communications expert Carmine Gallo has studied and analyzed the very best of Jobs’s performances, offering point-by-point examples, tried-and-true techniques, and proven presentation secrets in 18 “scenes”.[…]
  • The Non-Designer’s Presentation Book – Robin Williams – Google Könyvek
    In The Non-Designer’s Presentation Book, Robin expands upon the design principles introduced in her award-winning Non-Designer’s series. She explains four fundamental principles of good design as applied to digital presentations, and adds four more principles specific to clear communication with slides. […]

Azt azonban érdemes tudni, hogy ezek a kiadványok szerzői jogi védelem alá esnek, ezért bizonyos oldalak nem érhetőek el, jelentős százalékuk viszont szabadon elolvasható.

A témával (főleg  Powerpointtal) kapcsolatban  további tippeket és hasznos linkeket gyűjtött össze Paul J. Gibler ebben a kiadványban, de a Prezit előnyben részesítők is találhatnak hasznos infókat a Prezi Experts oldaláról elindulva.